Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3 Ultimate Short Review


Third game of the Harukanaru Toki no Naka De series. This is considered by the japanese fans as the best Haruka game and it was very popular when it came out. The Ultimate version, which was released back in February, includes the original game + Izayoiki. Izayoiki is an expansion which includes a new story, new characters, costumes, endings, routes and spells. Ultimate version is full-voiced, includes redrawn CG by the original artist, new ending song and new events. There’s also DLC events, including Yasuhira Fujiwara as a paid DLC route (it was free if you preordered the Treasure Box or the break your bank account credit with your hands Change Destiny with your Hands Edition).

Spoiler free review as always except some spoilers about the end of the first part of the game.

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Short reviews

First review post of the year! I haven’t played that much lately and I’m currently 夢中 with some japanese rock bands.

Reviews are some games I wanted to write.

The Caligula Effect


Protagonist discovers he’s in some cyber world were he repeats being a high school student all over again. Tries to escape but he can’t. He joins the Go Home Club where its members are also trying to escape from the “perfect world”. The club is being targeted by the musicians who support μ, the creator of the “perfect world”

I haven’t finished the game because I lost my copy. The game was fun during the first hours and the battle system was fun with the combo system and weakness but the game has a lot of bugs and the lag is very bad. Sometimes, you’re ambushed by a lot of NPCs and it makes you to get a game over. The NPC characters you can recruit are almost the same. Story was very simple and made me wonder if the scenario was really written by Tadashi Satomi. I would say the music is good but most of the music it’s only the music from the musicians I told before. Instrumental version during the dungeon and vocal version when you fight.

Persona 5


The game is set in Tokyo. The protagonist gets put on probation after being falsely accused. He stays with one of his dad friends and goes to a new school. During his first day, he ends up in a parade (which is the other world where the protagonists can use Persona and fight demons) and there he awakes his Persona. Later, with the talking cat Morgana, Ann and Ryuji, they found the Phantom Thieves to steal the corrupt hearts from the adults and try to reform the city.

The story involves the modern japanese society so I really recommend to know more about it before playing the game so you can understand it. Heck, even some of the stories are very similar to news that happened years ago, like Yusuke teacher’s case.

Gameplay is similar to the previous games but this time you can use guns. Guns are also the weakness of some of the demons. Dungeons aren’t random generated and demons have their own sprite. You can’t visit the Parade after the day limit. Also, you can do subquests which involves going to Mementos. Some subquests are important for the Social Links. Unlike the Parades, Mementos map is randomly generated.

I liked the game but it was too long. Had to stop playing after 50 hours because I was too tired and I got bored. Is better than Persona 3 and 4 but it feels too long, took me like 85 hours to finish the game. Battles were easy until the last Parade. I liked it but I wouldn’t consider it a kamige like other people do.

Taisho x Taisho Alice all in one


The protagonist Arisu awakes without any memory. She finds a shota called Alice who also lost his memory. Arisu and Alice then goes to various mirrors to try to remember.

Each mirror has characters with their own route and endings. The routes aren’t very long and the characters are based on fairy tales like Cinderella, snow-white and Little Red Riding Hood.

I can’t remember much about the story but it was fun. The game is getting an english version but I can’t trust the localization company because it looks very shady.




During summer vacation, the protagonist is invited by her childhood friend, Hino, to go to a village called Okunezato. One year before the story, the protagonist brother disappears on the village, so she decides to go to search for him by Hino’s suggestion. The group members of the Forbidden Okunezato Club, where the protagonist and Hino are members, gather on the hotel where the two are staying and they’re involved in mysterious incidents related to a legend from the village called the “Legend of the Dead”.

Unlike the other Otomate games, 7’scarlet makes you to play the routes in order. You have to finish Hino or Isora route before being able to play the routes of the other characters. Those routes leaves you with many questions about the village and what happened to the protagonist brother.

The story is actually good and gives you a sense of mystery. It’s more about the story and the mystery of the village rather than being a game with ikemens. My only problem is the last route: it’s just a copy paste text and the last route character doesn’t have too many CGs. Like they ended up without budget for the CG.

I  wasn’t interested in playing it at first but after I friend told me to play it, I bought it. I expected it not to be good but it was really great. Too bad not many people bought the game because it was released near Collar x Malice release date.

Eve Burst Error R

34u1903849138All ages “remaster” of the Sega Saturn version of Eve Burst Error. Unlike the awful remake of YU-NO, Eve Burst Error R includes the original CG remastered, new CG drew by the original illustrator, new music (you can change it for the old one if you don’t like it) and the old voice cast.

The game features two protagonists: Kojiroh, a private detective, and Marina, a national intelligence agent. Kojiroh is hired to find a mysterious piece of art. When he returns to his office, he find a girl being ambushed by some random guys. So he helps her. The girl, called Purin, decides to stick with him. Marina is hired to protect Mayoko, the daughter of the Edian Embassy’s Ambassador, from a group of terrorists.

The remake features a help mode that tells you were to go next. The game is a classic that is a must play if you like VN. I found the remake very enjoyable like the original game but the new CG looked weird with all the CG and characters sprites taken from the SS version. The game only has one ending.

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Opening again

After thinking it for a while, I decided to write again on this blog. I’m not playing as much as before so don’t expect me to update this blog too often.

Currently, I’m playing Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate so I’ll write a spoiler free review when I finish playing the game.

I don’t play eroge anymore so I won’t write reviews about that. Also, I don’t mind writing about japanese novels I’m reading but I’m still thinking about it. Maybe I should write a post with info and what I think of the books I’ve read since January. Those books aren’t light novels.

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After thinking it for a while, I’ve decided to close my blog.

I don’t play as much as before and some sites keep taking my reviews without asking me for permission or putting my blog as the source. I prefer not writing instead of continue writing and those sites taking what I write and earning money with the ads they have on their site.

I’m not completely closing my blog because I might update it like 1 time per 3 or more months.

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PSP Machi ~Unmei no Kousaten~ Review


Originally released for Sega Saturn in 1998, it received a PS port the following year and a PSP port in 2006 as a collaboration between Chunsoft and SEGA.

The game follows the life of 8 characters during 5 days and it takes place in Shibuya. It’s the third game of the Sound Novel series made by Chunsoft.

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iOS/Android Toraware no Palma


I haven’t beaten anything interesting apart for Toukiden 2 since July. Tasogare was also interesting but I’m not going to talk about it. Instead, I’m going to talk about the mobage I’ve been playing this week.

Toraware no Palma is the latest mobile game by Capcom aimed for woman. There’s going to be 6 episodes released every Tuesday and each costs 360 yen. It was teased as Project Palm.

The story is about Haruto who has lost his memories and it’s trapped in a jail on an island. Your job is to make him recover his memory and have a bound with him so he can talk to you easily. You stalk him with a camera that’s on his room and you can talk to him by a chat app.

So far I’ve only played the prologue and the first episode. The prologue is just making him talk to you. He’ll tell you at the end of the episode that he can’t see your heart but he can see other’s heart. Episode 1 is more or less the same but you have more things to talk about. The episode ends with you finding a place that might be connected with Haruto past.

You can explore the island and talk to the townspeople, get presents for Haruto and get conversation topics to talk with Haruto on the chat. Some topics are important to continue the story.

After an important topic, you go to see Haruto in the jail and you ask him things about him. When the conversation time ends, you can pay 120 yen to extend the time or just go. Prologue and episode 1 only has 3 conversations each. I still don’t know if episode 2 is going to have more.

There are requests like getting Haruto a new toothbrush. After you complete the request, you get an illustration CG. There are paid request that cost 240 yen each. You can send presents to Haruto but one per day. After he gets the present he’s going to thank you by chat.

There’s also a minigame where you touch Haruto while he’s sleeping and you can also have a conversation with him like a phone. Only two are free and the rest of the available phone conversations are 240 yen each. Phone conversations and the minigame are completely optional.



Not a bad mobile game with micro transactions. I hope next episodes are longer because I finished the prologue and episode 1 in less than 2 hours. The art is nice.

I find the camera in the room very weird because it’s like stalking Haruto. You see him while he’s sleeping, readings, thinking, etc. AND YOU CAN SEE HIM IN UNDERWEAR. It feels like you’re stalking his seiyuu, Yuuichirou Umehara, so probably his fans are going to enjoy this game a lot. Even Haruto looks like Yuuichirou.

Even so, I’m probably going to get the rest of the episodes because the game isn’t bad and I’m interested in seeing how the story continues.

Also it seems that there might be a new character after Haruto story ends.

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Some warnings

  1. I don’t accept putting a link to your review on the commentary section of my review of the same game. I know I promised someone to put his Root Letter review on my review post but after talking to a friend, I decided not to do it. It will be market as spam. I already do blogroll exchange if you want to promote your blog here. If you want to do blogroll just leave a comment in the About page.
  2. To VISUAL NOVELER: DON’T TAKE MY REVIEWS AGAIN FROM MY SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISION AND I WON’T LET YOU TAKE MORE REVIEWS because you’re ignoring my tweets about this. You took my Vjedogonia review without my permission, it’s on your site and I haven’t even put a score to the review. At least you put the source but you didn’t bother in letting me know about this. If you’re one VN site and want to do the same as Visual Noveler, please let a comment on the review you want to take. I might not answer but at least you asked for permission.

I’m probably making a drama but this is a warning for people who are going to do this from now on. Also I won’t post the Tasogare review I was making because of the explained on the second warning.

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