Opening again

After thinking it for a while, I decided to write again on this blog. I’m not playing as much as before so don’t expect me to update this blog too often.

Currently, I’m playing Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate so I’ll write a spoiler free review when I finish playing the game.

I don’t play eroge anymore so I won’t write reviews about that. Also, I don’t mind writing about japanese novels I’m reading but I’m still thinking about it. Maybe I should write a post with info and what I think of the books I’ve read since January. Those books aren’t light novels.

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After thinking it for a while, I’ve decided to close my blog.

I don’t play as much as before and some sites keep taking my reviews without asking me for permission or putting my blog as the source. I prefer not writing instead of continue writing and those sites taking what I write and earning money with the ads they have on their site.

I’m not completely closing my blog because I might update it like 1 time per 3 or more months.

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PSP Machi ~Unmei no Kousaten~ Review


Originally released for Sega Saturn in 1998, it received a PS port the following year and a PSP port in 2006 as a collaboration between Chunsoft and SEGA.

The game follows the life of 8 characters during 5 days and it takes place in Shibuya. It’s the third game of the Sound Novel series made by Chunsoft.

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iOS/Android Toraware no Palma


I haven’t beaten anything interesting apart for Toukiden 2 since July. Tasogare was also interesting but I’m not going to talk about it. Instead, I’m going to talk about the mobage I’ve been playing this week.

Toraware no Palma is the latest mobile game by Capcom aimed for woman. There’s going to be 6 episodes released every Tuesday and each costs 360 yen. It was teased as Project Palm.

The story is about Haruto who has lost his memories and it’s trapped in a jail on an island. Your job is to make him recover his memory and have a bound with him so he can talk to you easily. You stalk him with a camera that’s on his room and you can talk to him by a chat app.

So far I’ve only played the prologue and the first episode. The prologue is just making him talk to you. He’ll tell you at the end of the episode that he can’t see your heart but he can see other’s heart. Episode 1 is more or less the same but you have more things to talk about. The episode ends with you finding a place that might be connected with Haruto past.

You can explore the island and talk to the townspeople, get presents for Haruto and get conversation topics to talk with Haruto on the chat. Some topics are important to continue the story.

After an important topic, you go to see Haruto in the jail and you ask him things about him. When the conversation time ends, you can pay 120 yen to extend the time or just go. Prologue and episode 1 only has 3 conversations each. I still don’t know if episode 2 is going to have more.

There are requests like getting Haruto a new toothbrush. After you complete the request, you get an illustration CG. There are paid request that cost 240 yen each. You can send presents to Haruto but one per day. After he gets the present he’s going to thank you by chat.

There’s also a minigame where you touch Haruto while he’s sleeping and you can also have a conversation with him like a phone. Only two are free and the rest of the available phone conversations are 240 yen each. Phone conversations and the minigame are completely optional.



Not a bad mobile game with micro transactions. I hope next episodes are longer because I finished the prologue and episode 1 in less than 2 hours. The art is nice.

I find the camera in the room very weird because it’s like stalking Haruto. You see him while he’s sleeping, readings, thinking, etc. AND YOU CAN SEE HIM IN UNDERWEAR. It feels like you’re stalking his seiyuu, Yuuichirou Umehara, so probably his fans are going to enjoy this game a lot. Even Haruto looks like Yuuichirou.

Even so, I’m probably going to get the rest of the episodes because the game isn’t bad and I’m interested in seeing how the story continues.

Also it seems that there might be a new character after Haruto story ends.

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Some warnings

  1. I don’t accept putting a link to your review on the commentary section of my review of the same game. I know I promised someone to put his Root Letter review on my review post but after talking to a friend, I decided not to do it. It will be market as spam. I already do blogroll exchange if you want to promote your blog here. If you want to do blogroll just leave a comment in the About page.
  2. To VISUAL NOVELER: DON’T TAKE MY REVIEWS AGAIN FROM MY SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISION AND I WON’T LET YOU TAKE MORE REVIEWS because you’re ignoring my tweets about this. You took my Vjedogonia review without my permission, it’s on your site and I haven’t even put a score to the review. At least you put the source but you didn’t bother in letting me know about this. If you’re one VN site and want to do the same as Visual Noveler, please let a comment on the review you want to take. I might not answer but at least you asked for permission.

I’m probably making a drama but this is a warning for people who are going to do this from now on. Also I won’t post the Tasogare review I was making because of the explained on the second warning.

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A bunch of short reviews

The reviews are very short.

Yakuza Kiwami


The remake of the first Yakuza game. The story is the same from the first game and adds some substories and minigames. The game also adds the battle system from Yakuza 0 and the “Majima Everywhere” system where you have to fight Majima in Kabukucho to learn moves for the Dojima no Ryu Style. It is also possible to learn moves with a master from Yakuza 0.Something new in the battle system is that bosses regenerate their HP, you can stop them using a heat action with the same color of the boss aura. That heat action is called Kiwami.

It was fun but I would have prefered the game to have the same battle system from the original version. I recommend it if you never played the first game but you have to play 0 to get familiar with the battle system.

Tokeidai no Jeanne


During World War II, Rollant, a soldier from France, and his friend Olivier participate in the Invasion of Normandy. They get separated from the rest of the group and end up in a forest at night. There they get attacked by a cavalry led by the black princess. Roland protects his friend and felt unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds a girl called Jeanne that’s threatening his bounds. He reveals to Roland that what happened in the forest was a dream and she’s a prisoner of time.

The story of the game is ok but I don’t recommend it unless you don’t have anything better to play. It only has 2 good endings and 3 bad endings. And the illustrator is the same from the Sen no Kiseki manga so Rollant reminds me of Adol and Jeanne reminds me of Alisa.

Prince of Stride

This is the first Kadokawa otome game?

789787The protagonist Nana moves to Tokyo to fulfill her dream of joining Hounan Senior High Academy’s Stride club. Nana’s dream begins when she sees a video of a strider mach. Her club enters the national tournament of Stride.

There’s a lot of family drama and not much romance. You have to train everyone and when there’s a tournament race, the characters have to be put in order of the race. During a break with some of the game idols, you can choose which character route you want to enter. The routes are almost the same except some events like when Nana has fever.

I enjoyed the game and you can skip the races you’ve already played.

Angelique Retour


The remake of the first otome game. It has some changes compared to the original version and it adds a new character that has nothing to do with the Queen test.

It doesn’t have an interesting story but I like the characters. The game ends if you or Rosalia, your rival, becomes the Queen, if you confess your love to one of the guardians or if one of the guardians confess to you.

I recommend this game if you want to play the first otome game. The characters and presentation of the game is good. And you have to fight for your love /laugh

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma


The last game of the Zero Escape series. It was made thanks to the fans because in Japan the games weren’t that popular (there are a lot of escape games so that might be one of the reasons why it wasn’t that popular).

The game was a big disappointment. It doesn’t resolve some of the questions from VLR, the characters that were supposed to appear from VLR aren’t in ZTD and it gives more questions instead of ending the series. It seems that the story was written in a hurry so Uchikoshi only wrote D team and true ending. The other team parts were written by other people. Mira and Eric are probably the worst characters and Eric’s backstory is kinda ignored.

The puzzles were easy and the game wouldn’t be that long if it wasn’t because of the many cutscenes ZTD has. The 3D is very bad, sometimes the characters look weird and the animation is bad. I even had some fps problems on the PC version and sometimes the music stopped playing.

I only recommend this game if you want to see how the trilogy ends. Otherwise just ignore it. The game was made for the western market so that’s why is so different from the previous games.

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Root Letter Short Review


The first game of the “Mystery Games” from Kadokawa games. The game takes place in Matsue. The protagonist finds a letter from 15 years ago where his penfriend Aya writes that she killed someone and she says goodbye to the protagonist. Then, hee decides to go to Matsue to search her.

In Matsue, the protagonist searches for the 7 friend of Aya to know what happened to her. Aya’s friends are: Bitch, Monkey, Glasses, Gari, Fat, Chibi and Best Friend. Aya talks about them on her letters she wrote to the protagonist but Aya’s friends deny knowing her.

The game has 5 endings. What you reply on the letters affect which ending are you going to get. The true ending is unlocked after you finish the game for the first time. Chapter 1 and 8 are the common route. After you finish the game for the first time, you can skip chapters until chapter 8, where you have to finish it again.

The system is similar to the old adventure games where you have to select where to go, talk, think or show an item. At the end of each chapter, you have to interrogate one of Aya’s friend and show the clues and items that you have got. The protagonist has a Tourist map that you have to use to go to some places that aren’t available on the map.

I got tired of the music after one hour. The game plays the same song almost every time except in some important parts. You can listen to that song on the official page of the game.


Avoid this game, don’t buy it full priced. This is one of those games that are ok if you buy it discounted or if you don’t have anything better to play. The scenario, protagonists and characters are very bad.

What I felt about the story is that you waste your time searching about Aya in the 8 of the 10 chapters that the game has. The story kinda gets interesting when you enter a route but it is still bad. Root Letter feels more like a publicity of Matsue because it makes you go to Matsue places that have nothing to do with the story. They even make publicity of stores like the Nakamura Bar. The protagonist takes a lot of time to notice the true about Aya and what happened 15 years ago and some parts of the story are ridiculous.

The presentation, backgrounds and character design where good. Probably Kadokawa knew that everyone was going to preorder the game because of that. It took me like 10 hours to complete the game and it was very annoying to do Chapter 8 more than 5 times because it isn’t possible to skip that chapter…

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